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Lesaffre Feed Additives is part of the Lesaffre food group which is the world leader in yeast technology and their applications.
Benefiting from its extensive knowledge of
yeasts and its highly developed skills in the biotechnology field, Lesaffre is also active in the human and animal health and nutrition sector.

Global Nutrition International
is involved in the developement,
manufacture and marketing of specialized technical feed additives worldwide. through its
network of subsidiaries, affiliates
and distributors in over 25 countries. Its mission is to foster close collaboration with its customers, suppliers and partners to develope new generation products,programs and innovative solutions for the feed industry.

Manufacturers since 1975. It has become a company of great expertise and experience in its sector of flavours, scents and feed additives. Its two divisions: human nutrition and animal nutrition complement and support each other.
Krka has made its way from a small pharmaceutical laboratory to becoming an international company employing over 7900 workers and supplying its products in its own facilities in Slovenia, Poland, Russia Federation, Croatia and in Germany.
Eurotec Nutrition was established in 1995 in Belgium. It has brought forward some innovative products and solutions for the feed industry.