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Welcome to Sybex Animal Health & Nutrition
Established in 2000 as a subsidiary of Eurotec Nutrition Philippines, Inc., it handles the marketing, promotions, sales and physical distribution of feed additives from its principals: Lesaffre Feed Additives, Global Nutrition International, Eurotec Nutrition, IPROA and KRKA.

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Synergy is essential to the way we work with our
customer - partners. Sybex will not merely be a supplier. We will work as your partner and amplify each other's strengths.


We innovate solutions for you and with you.
Whether it is with a single product or several;
applied traditionally or through integrated automated systems, the ultimate measure is the cost-effectiveness of the solutions we bring to
your operations. Effective solution once achieved
becomes your gain. And that is what we are
here for.


Simplification is essential for products of research and technology to become useful.
These should be intelligently
combined, distilled, adapted and simplified for practical use.
We will make the constant effort
to make sure that programs and
solutions we create together are
efficiently deployed and implemented. We take care of
the details so you can keep your eye on your bottom line. Practical and simply better.

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